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Braydon ronin at braydon.com
Tue Oct 4 01:23:46 UTC 2011


I have been working on a free software solution to social networking. 
Many projects are focused on starting from scratch, such as; Freedom 
Box, StatusNet, Diaspora, and Libre.fm. My approach is different because 
I am planning on building upon what is currently already at the heart of 
social media, WordPress, and just fixing one problem --- those pesky 
share buttons everywhere. I have just completed PHASE 1 of the project, 
and would like to make this the first public release, which does not 
include all the required features.

In the same way that people will post links of WordPress posts to Social 
Media websites, the goal of this is to automatically cross-post to a 
community of websites for promotional purposes and is a distributed 
method for online marketing campaigns. This will not  require a visitor 
to leave to visit the post, since it is copied verbatim, and does not 
require users to be either a member of a network or not a member. This 
will serve as two-way posting making it possible for a dialog between 
separate websites and community organization. I am terming it "networked 
media" to be distinguished from "social media".

Websites are built in the millions for publishing articles, videos, 
music and linking these to Social Media websites for promotion. My goal 
is to build new networked media websites that bring together a community 
of individuals based upon topics of interest; opening the opportunity 
for verticals and topic based networked media websites as opposed to 
Social Media differentiated by differences of software.

That is the goal. This is the future of online marketing. Now, here is 
what I have made. I have started with a method to define new URLS and 
templates, and am currently working on the aggregation portion. Here are 
the links to the resources for the plugin:

WordPress Plugin Directory:


Project Management ( Documentation / Tickets / Git ):

Here are the phases of the project I have been planning:

1. URLS/Templates:

    * Editing URLS
    * Managing Menus
    * Editing Templates
    * Feed reader for synchronization

2. JavaScript Templates:

    * JavaScript URL routing
    * JavaScript Templates
    * NoScript accessibility

3. Admin Interface:

    * Unified front-end/back-end interface
    * JavaScript admin that is extensible

4. Complete WordPress Distribution:

    * Packaging the plugin as a part of WordPress
    * Clean API for our JavaScript applications
    * OpenID for network to network authentication and privacy

5. AWE Plugins:

    * Write extensions to the core of AWE to add new post types
      including: video, sound, gallery, events and shop.

6. Web Service:

    * Dedicated web host for users that don't want to run it on their
      own hardware.
    * Sign-up and payment settings.

For those that I have previously contacted about URL routing, this is 
the plugin I was mentioning. I am now looking to work in collaboration 
because this project can not succeed without the support of a few people 
working in synchronization. So let's get going!

Braydon Fuller

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