[wp-hackers] Blatant Copying of Plugin Code

Lee Chestnutt lee at dc-5.com
Mon Oct 3 00:39:03 UTC 2011


Not sure if this is the correct/appropriate place to ask the question 
but is there any kind of formal complaint system where I can request 
that the plugin be removed from the wordpress.org directory?

It has just come to our attention that a plugin, Smart Share Floating 
Buttons, which was launched earlier today on wordpress.org is an exact 
copy of a plugin we developed called slick social share buttons. In fact 
the plugin still contains links to our own website, where the "author" 
has forgotten to remove some of the links. The only changes made to the 
files are to change the author name and site to his own. In fact he 
couldnt actually be bothered to even rename files.

Although I have emailed the "author" I imagine it wont get very far with 
someone who steals code so blatantly.



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