[wp-hackers] NetBeans Code Completion

Dagan Henderson Dagan.Henderson at epyllion.com
Mon Nov 21 04:21:03 UTC 2011

>> Awhile back, the question went around as to which IDE people were 
>> using for WordPress development. I've been using Eclipse, but NetBeans 
>> seemed quite popular and a new employer has asked me to migrate to it, so I have.
>> The problem I'm having is that code completion for WordPress functions 
>> (or my own, for that matter) isn't working. The project includes the 
>> entire WordPress directory.
>> Any NetBeans users out there have a suggestion?
>If non-WordPress functions aren't being completed either then it's probably a generic NetBeans issue with code completion. I'd recommend going through every single screen of the >preferences and making sure that all checkboxes related to code completion are set correctly. There's some in EDITOR > CODE COMPLETION, including special PHP-related options if >you use the pulldown menu to select PHP.
>In general I'd also recommend setting a keyboard shortcut to summon autocomplete for times when, for whatever reason, it doesn't pop up in a timely fashion. I actually usually end >up summoning autocomplete rather than waiting for it.  If you set a keyboard shortcut and it still doesn't work then at least you know it's not the timing.

Only PHP Core functions were being completed. Neither my own nor WordPress's were found. I wound up fixing the issue by completely removing all NetBeans files from the source directories and re-adding the project from existing source.

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