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Leo Baiano ljunior2005 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 01:38:47 UTC 2011

Stas, I program the 9 years and has participated in projects much more
elaborate than this, I have been working with WordPress to at least 2
years. I'm not the most experienced programmers in respect
of WP development through its API, but based on the knowledge I have PHP
programming and integration with API I know I can do the job.

I live in Brazil and here CMS WordPress is a very popular, many companies
are using, because it does not always have the option to choose how to
work in this particular projectas the client's site is on
WordPress and they just want to add this courses and managerinsisted it
was WP, so we chose not to do a job share.

At the agency I work deadlines do not always allow testing and research,
then developnormally as if making an autonomous system using hooks
and WP filters, but here in Brazilsome developers insist on telling me that
I should do with CPT, the most things are better and blah blah blah, so
this time I thought to do so.

Having never used CPT and taxonomies to more elaborate systems was
worried to start doing so and then in the middle of the project, find that
there will be good and have to start, this was the reason I opened the
topic, I wanted to see the opinion more experienceddevelopers.

I've already started working on the development through the WP API, I
had more time for research and discussion to see the possibility of
using TLC.

Thanks for the reply, I still have interest in the discussion, but not for
this job the most.

11/11/17 Stas Sușcov <stas at nerd.ro>

> On Jo 17 nov 2011 23:27:38 +0200, Leo Baiano wrote:
>> Here is a link to the PNG public, thanks to those who can help, I'm trying
>> to define here what is CPT, which is taxonomies, the custom fields, with
>> that in hand I set the best way.
>> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/**1953999/modelo%20de%**20entidades%20e%**
>> 20relacionamentos%20-%**20Sistema%20de%20Cursos%20-%**20V%202.png<http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1953999/modelo%20de%20entidades%20e%20relacionamentos%20-%20Sistema%20de%20Cursos%20-%20V%202.png>
>> Thank you so much!
> I think you are doing it wrong.
> My suggestion for you would be to step back and revise your knowledge
> about WordPress API and then start thinking in that way.
> CPT are more like objects with key-value storage rather than tables and
> relationships (taking a pen and a paper and drawing some boxes with
> polygons as attributes would help you more than current diagram).
> Though, thinking again, I wonder why you are struggling to push this
> _plugin_ into WordPress (looks more like a standalone app), you definitely
> do not look like somebody who has previous experience, maybe its worth
> hiring a guy for part-time consulting (codepoet/jobs.wp.net)?
> Of course I might be wrong, in that case, my apologizes.
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Leo Baiano

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