[wp-hackers] Forking Hyper Cache to be *more* WPMU friendly

Vitor Carvalho lightningspirit at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 15:36:20 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to fork Hyper Cache plugin to be used in WPMU but I have a few
questions about the WP load order.

My idea is to individualize all options for each assigned blog, thus
one accessing a blog this plugin could provide a independent configuration
based on blog_id. I think this can be usefull for MU installations.

Another problem with Hyper Cache is that, clearing cache files will clear
ALL cache for ALL blogs an not just the one we expected.

So, my changes would be:
1. At load time, provide plugin the blog_id and get options from database
or a config file.
2. The cache directory inside wp-content/blogs.dir/blog_id/cache/* instead
of wp-content/cache/*, so plugin only clears the cache files for that blog.

Some considerations and doubts
1. What do you think about retrieving options from database. Do you think
some performance will be lost?
2. Where advanced-cache.php is loaded in WP, before or after init action?

Hope someone can help me!


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Vitor Carvalho
*Wordpress Designer, Web Developer*
Lisbon, Portugal

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