[wp-hackers] CPT VS Plugin

Leo Baiano ljunior2005 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 17:25:58 UTC 2011

Personally, I would like you to help us to start thinking about a course
management system that will need to implement a customersite. My main
doubt is whether the best way to do this is using CPT and taxonomies or
create separate tables and develop a pluginlike it.

So they can help me I will explain the context.

In the course management system I have classes and courses. Classes
are formed by the junction of the course + city where the course is going
to happen. It is important to understand that each class has its own
characteristics inheriting the course only the name and description, but
the classes, teachers, number of jobs, etc. ... are directly related
to class, where to register a new class I need to inform the city,
state, and course specific information in this class.

Besides, I have teachers, they are connected directly to the classroom
(information about the class that will be given) and the lessonis linked
directly to class.

I also have students that are linked to class.

Are there any other information but I believe they are quieter, which has
left me in doubt regarding the use of the CPT is on accountof relationships
and the difficulty in defining what taxonomies and which would be
linked CPT.

For example, the relationship between the city, the class and course. Then
there is the relationship with the teacher and this classwith the class.

Well, I hope you managed to explain myself properly, I rode the EER but
the name of the tables and fields are in Portuguese, I do not know they
could understand, but if someone willing to help me think this work ....

Using CPT I have the advantage of some features ready to use WP as
a friendly URL for example, but
apparently lost a little respectin the relationship of the system entities.


Leo Baiano

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