[wp-hackers] using wp_editor

Steve Taylor steve at sltaylor.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 13:45:03 UTC 2011

Many thanks, I got it. I had forgotten to take out the textarea I was
including from the old way of putting TinyMCE in :-/

The new function's fantastic - thanks to all who worked on it.



On 2 November 2011 15:28, Andrew Ozz <admin at laptoptips.ca> wrote:
> On 01/11/2011 5:10 AM, Steve Taylor wrote:
>> Has anyone written a rough guide to using it?
> The phpdoc should give enough guidance. Generally you call the wp_editor()
> function where you want the editor to appear. It outputs the html and
> handles all needed pieces to make one/both editors work the same way they
> work on the post edit page.
> There's a small test plugin on the ticket too. It has some basic examples:
> http://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/17144/test-wp-editor-3.3.php
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