[wp-hackers] How to make root relative urls work in, , subdomain

Marty Fried public.forums at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 05:03:51 UTC 2011

I might be completely off base, and this may not be the best way to do
this, but the method I've been using is to make an entry in my hosts file
(on my development system) for a URL ending in ".dev" instead of ".com" for
sites I'm working on - ie, http://example.dev if the real site is
example.com.  Then, I create a virtual domain in Apache to map example.dev
to the directory I'm using, and restart Apache.  It may not be the least
amount of maintenance, but it takes me almost no time to set it up using
cut and paste from a previous entry, and it give me a good simulation of
the final site, with the only difference being I use ".dev" instead of
".com".  The standard Wordpress .htaccess file works with this setup.

If this is a dumb way to do it, I'm open to change, and I apologize.  But
if it's not obvious, and is something that anyone is interested in, I could
post details of the setup.  I use Ubuntu Linux for both my server and my
dev system, fwiw.

-Marty Fried

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 8:38 PM, Ryann Micua <ryannmicua at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Marcus,
> The rewrite doesn't seem to be working on my local server. But, if you say
> that it's the right then I think it's something wrong with my lamp setup
> I'll look into it. we came up with almost the same rules anyway =) save for
> taking out the domain name and adding flags.

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