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Marcus Pope Marcus.Pope at springbox.com
Tue Nov 1 19:29:36 UTC 2011

I really like this idea too. But in the spirit of recent statements about "can it be done without a core update?" would adding a "vote here" link to the wordpress plugin page for your plugin (and url param options for the correct version) suffice? I'm referring to the same place people usually put "visit plugin site" links.  Not as convenient as direct star integration, but then again some plugins work perfectly for my needs but not for other people. And so seeing a two star rating on a plugin I use for a client might make them say "woah, i dont like that there is a two star plugin in my site!"

Who knows. But the I like the idea of driving more traffic to that feature, and custom links are supported now.  And it avoids integrating wp.org login workflow into the admin portal. 

And im with others that reminders to vote (or donate for that matter) do get annoying. But "classy" links or stars sound great! :)

Marcus Pope

On Nov 1, 2011, at 12:41 PM, "Ryan Frankel" <ryan.frankel at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am not sure if this is the correct list for this but I have an idea that would be REALLY helpful to the review system for plugins (and probably themes too).  One of the things I have noticed is that while tons of people download and try plugins the feedback mechanism for coming back and putting a start-review is poor.  Most users, when the plugin works correctly, simply never come back to add their vote.  I was wondering if WP put a star system right on the 'Installed Plugins' page if more people would use it.  This would be similar to how the Apple review system works.  Another option would be if someone has had a plugin installed for X days they would get a reminder message to review or vote on the plugin.  
> I just feel like some system to encourage and promote rating plugins directly from the back-end of WP would be a great deal of help to everyone.  I know this isn't something that would happen quickly but I am just throwing it out there to see if anyone else has thoughts on this.  
> Ryan
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