[wp-hackers] Long Polling, Ajax and WordPress

Dagan Henderson Dagan.Henderson at epyllion.com
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The reason for my question was along the same lines that Eric was getting at. If you want a super-efficient system, look to something like socket.io to serve your polling requests. It'll do whatever the browser will support, including websockets, but is also backwards compatible down to traditional AJAX. You'll have to query the DB from outside of WP, though. So just keep that in mind.

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Thanks for your input,

@Dagan: I'm just on a Dreamhost shared server at the moment, may go back to slicehost once the project is more mature.

@Eric: I did notice the thread when it first came round, and it seems like the conclusion was to just stick with Ajax long-polling for the time being; due to server and browser support.

@Claude: Thanks for the efficiency tip, I may look into writing live data to an XML file for faster reading!


Does anybody have any advice on how I can convert my current code, which is a simple 'short' poll of the server every 10 seconds, to something more like long-polling?

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