[wp-hackers] Move WordPress without FTP - GSoC 2011

Paolo Tresso pixline at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 11:23:47 UTC 2011

Gaurav Aggarwal wrote:

> *My Proposed solution
> *I propose a solution with 2 modes of Moving WordPress :-

please consider also a not-so-common use I think should be covered by that plugin as well: in case of networked sites (multisite) can happen that a sub-site needs to be moved by a standalone WP install, maybe also with a new domain.

Here's a real world example: a news agency I work with have a networked website with a networked blog for each radio show. Now one of those radio shows needs to have its standalone domain name and its standalone website.

I can easily export or mangle database and solve this, but this is a real world case that isn't covered by any plugin, and if your approach will take care of it I think someone will enjoy this :-)

Just my thoughts, have a nice day.

Paolo Tresso (aka pixline)

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