[wp-hackers] [GSoc] Media Module

Marko Novaković atisha34 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 18:28:35 UTC 2011

One of my ideas is to do support for media (images and embedded videos).
There are some features which I'd like to discuss about them:

   - Adding videos from premium services to media gallery, such as images
   to register embedded videos as post
   - Support for embedded playlists
   - A rotator on the first page of images and videos from posts
   (see: http://espn.go.com/ top stories and sportcenter videos)
   - Image slideshows in posts
   - Image management in the admin section similar to Facebook
   - Support to attach a resized image into a post

I'd like to know more about discussed topics in GSoC idea list:

   - Better gallery functions
   - More user settings for media files and templates
   - What are media templates in WP?

Best Regards,

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