[wp-hackers] innodb vs myisam

Andrew Gray andrew at graymerica.com
Mon Mar 28 13:15:01 UTC 2011

I just wanted to let all the folks on this list know, that I fixed a client site that was getting horrible performance by switching the post and post meta tables to Innodb from MyIsam.

They have over 40,000 posts in their database and publish all day long, 20-30 posts per day.  Consequently, their were constantly writing revisions to the DB. They would have 3 or 4 post edit windows open per user at once, constantly locking up the entire posts database.

I am not a DB expert, but I was recommended to make the switch by the engineers at Rackspace and it made huge difference.  The stacked queries went away immediatly.  

Just thought I would let you know, since it would have saved me a bunch of headache if I had know this last week,,,


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