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Łukasz Koprowski azram19 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 22:54:17 UTC 2011

If a new parent is close, drag'n'drop would the most comfortable and
quickest way of re-parenting. Even tough users will make more mistakes
using this type of interface, they can quickly fix them. For non d'n'd
interface, in case of a mistake one would have to go again, through a
long list of comments, and pick the right one. That's why I think both
of them should be used together wherever possible, otherwise only
certain screens would benefit from d'n'd.

Comments moving - I looked a bit and found that it is especially
useful when a discussion gets longer and has to be moved to a
dedicated post to save loading time. Except for simple comment moving,
'discussion moving' could be added, so after given number of comments,
discussion would be moved, link to the discussion added under the
post, and commenting locked.

2011/3/27 scribu <mail at scribu.net>
> 2011/3/28 Łukasz Koprowski <azram19 at gmail.com>
>> - re-parenting in "Recent comments", "Edit comment" and directly on the
>> blog,
>> - re-parenting using html5/jquery drag'n'drop,
> I think reparenting via drag'n'drop in the "Edit comments" admin screen would be enough.
> Another nice feature would be moving a comment from one post to another. See the "Move comments" plugin.
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