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Sorry from my side. I read this on some blog about dos and don'ts.



This idea is an extension of "New User Walkthrough". Instead of keeping a
module only for new installation related tasks we could keep it this way. We
will create a *Health Index* for WordPress installation which initially will
be determined by tasks like pick a theme, change your password, edit your
tagline, choose your comment settings, etc. After all this new user tasks
notifications like availability of updates of WordPress , important plug-ins
like Akismet , pending comments , etc will determine Health Index. Hooks can
be created which can be used by other plug-ins to hook into it and add their
own list of things for users to do and their own ongoing site health
info. For example, a forum (like BBPress or SimplePress) might want to have
a user upload an avatar or put unread threads or private messages into the
list, etc. Depending on Health Index user may be send email/sms
notifications like WordPress installation is in Critical Stage, etc.


Health Index will be determined by 3 parameter *Hardware
settings*,*internal settings
* and *plug-in settings*.
There will be 3 level of notification *critical, important and general*.

*Hardware settings* ( Only they can have critical notifications)

   - Minimum required PHP version
   - MySQL version
   - Cron and Apache settings (this may be used by plug-ins in need of
   specific setting)
   - Mail server setting (smtp etc)

*Internal settings*

   - All "New User Walkthrough" tasks.
   - pending comments
   - clearing spam/ trash
   - updates for WordPress / Plug-ins
   - Installation for recommended tasks like spams (e.g Akismet), seo ( e.g
   Headspace), sitemap (e.g Google xml sitemap), Visitor tracking, Feed, etc

*Plug-in settings* ( This is best of all )

   - Every plug-in will be given a hook for pre-requisite or configuration
   required for some plug-ins like wp-super cache , etc to check whether a
   certain setting was made or configured properly before start its
   - A general level notification hook will be provide to all plug-ins. (I
   think we should impose upper limit on number of hooks attempts)
   - Plug-in deletion and file damage procedure

A admin widget will be placed on dashboard in wp-admin section displaying
all important things like notifications by priority and Health Index over
all taken by minimum of 3.

A admin page can also be created which will give user ability to change some
settings like *plug-in settings* can be made suppressible. Notifications can
be disabled for some settings. If WordPress.org have a SMS gateway that can
be used for SMS notification else free gateways like www.zeepmobile.com

could be implemented along with email.

This is my idea. What do you think , is it good enough for a GSoC project ??

Any comments could be helpful.

On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 11:44 PM, Jane Wells <jane at automattic.com> wrote:

> On 3/26/11 1:51 PM, Mike Schinkel wrote:
>> On Mar 26, 2011, at 1:37 PM, scribu<mail at scribu.net>  wrote:
>>> So get over yourself.
>> Why so harsh? Is it necessary to be nasty to someone new and who is
>> attempting to contribute just because they don't understand the process?
>> -Mike
> English is not scribu's first language, and I'm sure he didn't mean to come
> across that way. He asked me what the right response was for someone afraid
> of posting an idea to hackers for fear of idea theft, and while I told him
> the stuff about the date of hackers emails showing who originated an idea
> when (not that we have ever actually had that problem), I also started with
> a semi-joking "they should get over the idea of theft in an open source
> environment." The "get over" was probably reused and wound up sounding
> harsh, due to the difference in meaning based on sentence construction and
> object (get over yourself sounds harsh and personal, get over the idea of
> theft does not). I believe scribu wanted to be encouraging and it just came
> out wrong.
> The process is pretty clearly stated on the Codex page, specifically in the
> application template, which includes an area for referencing when/how a
> student has discussed ideas on wp-hackers.
> j
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