[wp-hackers] Health Index - GSoC 2011

Gaurav Aggarwal gaurav91.2008 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 13:29:28 UTC 2011

      I am undergraduate student trying to participate in GSoC 2011 under
WordPress. Following is my secondary idea for the project.




This idea is an extension of "New User Walkthrough". Instead of keeping a
module only for new installation related tasks we could keep it this way. We
will create a *Health Index* for WordPress installation which initially will
be determined by tasks like pick a theme, change your password, edit your
tagline, choose your comment settings, etc. After all this new user tasks
notifications like availability of updates of WordPress , important plug-ins
like Akismet , pending comments , etc will determine Health Index. Hooks can
be created which can be used by other plug-ins to hook into it and add their
own list of things for users to do and their own ongoing site health
info. For example, a forum (like BBPress or SimplePress) might want to have
a user upload an avatar or put unread threads or private messages into the
list, etc. Depending on Health Index user may be send email/sms
notifications like WordPress installation is in Critical Stage, etc.

Warm Regards,

Gaurav Aggarwal
IIIrd year student
Computers Engineering
Delhi College of Engineering

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