[wp-hackers] [GSoc] GlotPress

Molnár Márton molnar.marton at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 19:53:49 UTC 2011

Hi all!

I'm thinking about applying for GSoc and the project I found the most
interesting is the enhancement of GlotPress.
However, when looking for more details I noticed that this idea was posted
last year too, without any students applying. The last post in the GP Blog
is from July. So my question is: who should I contact about this GSoC
project, is there an assigned mentor?

I have used various software translation tools and sites (my most recent
project is translating MuseScore to Hungarian) so I have some ideas. Apart
from the enhancements listed on the GSoc Codex page, it would be very useful
to have a glossary for projects, so translators could use a consistent
terminology without constantly having to search for phases containing a
specific word (for example, in the Facebook translation system, the glossary
translations had to be agreed upon before translating anything).
Listing similar strings would help too (this is not the same as fuzzy
matching: the goal is not to automagically translate strings but to help the
translators to use similar expressions across the project).

Márton Molnár
Master Student
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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