[wp-hackers] GSOC2011 Idea

Dave Ross dave at davidmichaelross.com
Fri Mar 25 14:40:42 UTC 2011

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Abhishek Gupta <
abhishekgupta.iitd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Other topic that interest me is CCK and Views module which can compete with
> Drupal modules for the same. Currently there is a cck module in wordpress,
> but the module is not really easy to use. In addition to this the user need
> views module to generate flexible views of what he want to display.

I wrote a plugin called Virtual Pages (
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/virtual-pages/) which is meant to grow
into a Views module for WordPress. Right now, it tries to give a
user-friendly interface to query_posts's parameters and lets you map them to

For some people, it works wonderfully. For others, it doesn't work at all,
and I've never been able to figure out why (never gave it much time,

I don't know if it falls within the scope of GSoC, but I'd love any help
getting this working for everyone and maybe adding some features to make it
more like Views.

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