[wp-hackers] Which PHP IDE do you use?

Curtis McHale curtis at curtismchale.ca
Thu Mar 24 23:15:54 UTC 2011

I use MacVim which is really just Vim with some GUI on top and the ability to use the mouse. I've also installed the Janus plugin for MacVim which helps if you're moving from a mouse driven system.

I used to use Textmate but ended up loving the full control from the keyboard that Vim/MacVim offers so found it lacking. You can install a Vim Keys plugin for Textmate that gives you basic Vimlike keyboard navigation but if you really dig in to Vim/MacVim you'll end up finding the plugin lacking since it doesn't do everything. Learning Vim/MacVim also has the advantage of making sure you're comfortable in the command line and if you need to ssh in to a server to edit stuff you already know how to use Vim so you're not in way over your head.

For version control I use Git Tower (Git) or Versions (SVN) as a GUI but also feel comfortable in command line (at least for Git which is my primary source control method). I'd say learn the command line first then use the GUI's when it's more efficient.

Curtis McHale

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