[wp-hackers] dynamic_content?

Charles K. Clarkson cclarkson at htcomp.net
Wed Mar 23 16:26:11 UTC 2011

On 3/21/2011 9:34 AM, Foolish Visions wrote:

 > Looking into it, all I've seen is that each widgetized area, when
 > registered, is registered as "sidebar1", "sidebar2" etc. ...

Shelly, try explicitly defining your own sidebar IDs.

For example:

register_sidebar( array(
     'id'            => 'home_left',
     'name'          => 'Home Left',
     'description'   => 'This is the top left section of the homepage.',
) );


$home_right_widget_area_id = register_sidebar( array(
     'id'            => 'home_right',
     'name'          => 'Home Right',
     'description'   => 'This is the top right section of the homepage.',
) );

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