[wp-hackers] Assigning and using custom taxonomy with link object

Angelia Baladon angelia at 10sexyapples.com
Tue Mar 22 03:37:43 UTC 2011

Aaahh, see, I *knew* it was my breath. Thanks Scribu ;-)

And yes, my desire to avoid reinventing the wheel was just me being lazy
really. I've already gone ahead and created a resource_link custom post type
with associated taxonomies, and am working on the metaboxes as we "speak".

On that note: I am also eagerly awaiting the discussed and potentially
upcoming wp meta box class ( actually contemplating if it would be
counterproductive at this point to implement wpalchemy's meta box class into
my workflow/framework or just keep scrapping along creating boxes on the
fly... so ... any insight on that would be most helpful  .. hint hint )

It would be great to just steal the existing metaboxes from the default link
edit page ... is there a steal_this_metabox() hook forthcoming ... heh ...

I figured that when the links are rewritten to be post types and that links
table disappears into oblivion, I would simply switch my resource_link type
to the new link object and call it a day.

Thanks for dealing with my breath ... and confirming what I didn't want to
accept as the probable reality of imagining I could use the built in links.

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