[wp-hackers] wpautop is NOT the problem.

Kevin Newman CaptainN at unFocus.com
Fri Mar 18 15:12:16 UTC 2011

So after looking into this more carefully, to try and disable what I 
thought was the problem, I don't think the idea of wpautop is the 
problem, nor is the server side (php) implementation. If I just use the 
text editor, and save back to the server, things tend to work out.

The problem seems to be the javascript implementation of wpautop that is 
triggered between TinyMCE and the HTML tab.

The question then is, how to make this work more consistently like the 
PHP version.

I think this could be handled with an Ajax call to the actual server 
side wpautop. But the JS version actually addresses another problem, 
which is that content coming out of TinyMCE needs to be formatted (it's 
also doing some other kind of filtering that I haven't looked closely 
enough at to understand yet) - that could be handled separately before 
or after the server side wpautop tag-back.

Anyway, has anyone looked into this? I'd be a lot of the complaining 
about wpautop is actually complaints about the client side 
implementation of it, and not about wpautop in general.

I'd be happy to attempt a solution, if there is any interest.

Kevin N.

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