[wp-hackers] taxonomy template, but which one i already see?

Konrad Karpieszuk kkarpieszuk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 15:02:44 UTC 2011


i have custom post type in my wordpress with custom taxonomy called
'kategoria-imprez' (eng.  'event types'). this taxonomy can have
values like 'parties', 'meetings' etc

i prepared template file taxonomy-kategoria-imprez.php to list all
events grouped by taxonomy value. so if in url i have
example.com/?kategoria-imprez=parties it list me all posts which has
'parties' as taxonomy value


on the top of this list i want to show title like "you are watching
all events from category: [here value of taxonomy]"

how to get this? i am looking for some template tag like
the_taxonomy_value() which will show me 'parties', 'meetings' etc but
i cannot find.

(en) regards / (pl) pozdrawiam
Konrad Karpieszuk

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