[wp-hackers] GSOC 2011 Proposal

djds4rce prabhu djd4rce at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 08:17:36 UTC 2011

> > the other hand the same idea under a different name and may be some more
> > > thinking will give you a good proposal idea
> > > In this case,
> > > Think more on the lines of adding few capabilities to WordPress such
> that
> > it
> > > can be used, as is, like a complete CMS.
  Piyush I have been thinking on this for a while, a couple of features
which would make wordpress a better CMS would be
  - Custom menus(Like in Joomla)
  - Ability to show different widgets on different pages.
    For now this can be done using using custom page template, but the
ability to do such changes for the admin side would be nice.
   (more needed obviously)
 This is all i can think of for now. This will be a small set of features to
implement so i need more inputs.
 awating more criticism and inputs

Thank you


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