[wp-hackers] is_front_page() after modifying query_posts

Gavin Pearce Gavin.Pearce at 3seven9.com
Fri Mar 11 19:18:39 UTC 2011

After consensus before writing a patch:


As I'm sure you're aware - if you modify the main query on the front
page of a blog using query_posts, then is_front_page() will return


Of course this is because you've now updated the query, changing, for
all intents and purposes, the page you're on.


However ... is this really the preferred behaviour for is_front_page()?
Personally I feel it should always return true if you're on the front
page, *even* if you modify the front page query.


Thoughts / opinions either way? Apologies if I've dragged up an old
discussion, did dig through the list archives.


Have a good weekend all,



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