[wp-hackers] Difference in behaviour between WP_Object_Cache and W3_ObjectCache

Gabriel Koen gabriel.koen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 00:43:00 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm seeing different behaviour in interacting with objects cached using WordPress's built-in object cache and W3 Total Cache.  There's something here I'm missing.  

// Add a post to the object cache
$post_id = 123;
$post_object = new stdClass();
$post_object->ID = $post_id;
$post_object->post_title = 'Original title';
wp_cache_set($post_id, $post_object, 'posts');

// Retrieve the post from the object cache
$post = wp_cache_get($post_id, 'posts');

// Change the post title
$post->post_title = 'Hello, world';

// Get a new copy of the post from the object cache
$post_cache = wp_cache_get($post->ID, 'posts');

// Compare the object fresh from cache with the locally-modified object
echo $post->post_title . "\n";
echo $post_cache->post_title . "\n";

Output when using WordPress's built-in object cache:
Hello, world
Original title

Output when using W3TC's object cache dropin, with object caching disabled:
Hello, world
Hello, world

I just don't see what could be causing the difference in behaviour when looking at the cache set and cache get methods.

Gabriel Koen
gabriel.koen at gmail.com

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