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Michael Clark dc153464a11bcf5aeb18180db28017fb.wp-hackers at planetmike.com
Wed Mar 2 17:26:24 UTC 2011

At 6:05 PM -0300 2/25/11, Alvaro wrote:
>Is there a way to get info about how many blogs are using the plugins I've
>Maybe WordPress should offer this info on the plugins page, like it does
>with stats.

It seems that Alvaro's question never got answered. Why doesn't WP 
make the number available? It could be added easily to the stats page 
visible only to the plugin's developer(s), or on the Admin tab. I'm 
not saying that plugins should be ranked by popularity based on 
downloads, as we all know those numbers can be fudged.

I just added one of my plugins to the plugin directory this week, and 
I have no idea how it's doing, since there are four earlier versions 
shown on my pie chart.

I could do a rough calculation of how many times my plugin is 
installed with basic math (# of total downloads divided by % of 
current version). But throughout this morning my plugin has been 
downloaded an extra 20 times. So now my estimate for total number in 
use is between 10,907 and 11,372. I'd need to know what time the pie 
charts are generated to get a more accurate number. Plus when the 
next version of my plugin is released, I won't be able to as easily 
calculate an estimate.

It's also odd that the oldest version of my plugin has been 
increasing in percentage over the past few days. Did ancient versions 
of WordPress report in to the mothership less frequently than current 
versions do? Mike


Michael Clark

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