[wp-hackers] WP_HTTP deflating small packets

Tim Nash tim at newmedias.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 14:15:27 UTC 2011

Hi all,
We have been having interesting problem with wp_http simple request
returns either a 1 or an error string.
Problem is instead of return a 1 it appears to be returning a binary
string. If we put more then 7 chars on the page then they are returned

$request = new WP_Http;
   $result = $request->request($url);
   if (is_wp_error($result)) {
       return FALSE;
   if ($result['response']['code'] == 200) {
       // success
       return $result['body'];
   } else {
       return FALSE;
What's being returned
Array ( [method] => GET [timeout] => 5 [redirection] => 5
[httpversion] => 1.0 [user-agent] => WordPress/3.1;
http://wordpress_dev [blocking] => 1 [headers] => Array (
[Accept-Encoding] => deflate;q=1.0, compress;q=0.5 ) [cookies] =>
Array ( ) [body] => [compress] => [decompress] => 1 [sslverify] => 1
[ssl] => [local] => )

The weird bit is:
Array ( [0] => Accept-Encoding: deflate;q=1.0, compress;q=0.5 )

Looking at wp_http this seems to being set and can't be overridden. We
have got round the problem as we are simply changing the return to
pass enough data but thats a hack rather then a solution, wondering if
anyone had come across this problem (that piece of code has been our
work horse for some time so its only a recent thing) and if anyone has
a solution.


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