[wp-hackers] change in query string

Marcel Brinkkemper lazyest at brimosoft.nl
Tue Mar 1 10:22:21 UTC 2011

My plugin is at


I'll search trac for his bug

Marcel Brinkkemper

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On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 3:54 AM, Marcel Brinkkemper
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> In WP 3.1 it seems that querystrings get double encoded.
> With my Gallery plugin urls like http://myblog.com/gallery/folder 
> result in a querystring: pagename=gallery&file=folder
> This used to work fine, also for encoded urls, pre 3.1 and in many of 
> the
> 3.1 beta and RC versions.
> Now a url like http://myblog.com/gallery/my%20folder result in a
> querystring: pagename=gallery&file=my%2520folder
> It turns out double encoded.
> Why has this changed?
> Is it a bug?

Link to your plugin please?

This isn't really the right list for bug reports. Generally you'll want to
use wp-testers, or post a ticket on Trac.

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