[wp-hackers] in search of a particular subscriber plugin, looking for advice

Scott R. Godin scottg.wp-hackers at mhg2.com
Wed Jul 20 19:42:35 UTC 2011

been combing thorugh the list of wordpress plugins in search of an 
add-on that does the following, but haven't come up with anything 
concrete yet:

  1> allow users to sign up to receive either email or snailmail coupons 
and special offers, additionally with birthday/anniversary dates to send 
out special birthday/anniversary offerings once a month
  2> these users may or may not be considered 'subscribers' to the 
actual blog/cms,
  3> easy .csv export feature so that the list can be provided to sites 
such as www.yougotmeals.com, and periodically updated there
  4> no public interface of any kind to the list except a way for the 
user to access and edit their (and only their) entry or entries, and 
also decide they no longer wish to be subscribed.
  5> double-opt-in
  6> it is NOT necessary for there to be any sort of newsletter/mailing 
type features for the admin to use in order to send these mailings.
  7> it should be divorced from any sort of connections between 
subscribers nor should it be associated with social media
  8> (nice to have) a Role created so that someone from say, 
yougotmeals, to log in and ONLY have access to export the list so they 
can update their database with new subscribers and deletions, but no 
other admin access to the wordpress blog in any way

does such a thing exist?

(please respond to the list as opposed to my email box directly,
unless you are supplying private information you don't want public
on the list)

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