[wp-hackers] the_content doesn't work in post-type archive template

Rocio Valdivia rocio at mecus.es
Wed Jul 20 09:49:47 UTC 2011


I'm developing a twentyeleven child theme. I have created some custom post
types, and one of them is called 'photos'. And because I wanted to customize
the archive for this custom post type, I have created the template:
archive-photos.php. It was going perfectly, excepts for one thing: the
functions the_content() and the_excerpt() are not working properly in this
template. If I use echo get_the_content(); it works fine. I wanted to know
if it has happened to someone else before.

Thanks!!! :)

Rocío Valdivia --- Web: http://mecus.es --- Twitter: @_DorsVenabili

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