[wp-hackers] 3.3 brainstorm ideas from WordPress DC

Aaron Jorbin aaron at jorb.in
Wed Jul 13 15:12:49 UTC 2011

Last Night Matt was in DC and led a brainstorm of ideas for 3.3.  This list
is just a brainstorm of things that people would like to see and it is very
possible some of these would make better plugins then core features.
 Posting it so others can benefit from seeing it.

   1. Media - John P Block

   1. Media library over 20 pieces
   2. Custom taxonomy as a file system?
   3. Media library management (popular) - searching images
   4. Better lay outs (popular)
   5. Single image post, could be easier
   6. Galleries
   7. Drag and drop upload (Drag and Drop Uploader)

   1. Tags on link manager
   2. Social - Super Community ()
   3. When to use Tags and Categories (inline help)
   4. Improved API for screen options
   5. Keyboard shortcuts for absolutely everything
   6. API for trimming Jorbin’s beard
   7. Image suggestions, Zemanta
   8. Easily customizeable for users, design control in next default theme
   9. Certification process for 3rd party themes, kinda already done

   1. Themes should have a requirement for better documentation, user

   1. Seperate template themes
   2. Sidebar media widget library, Video Widget (amen!)
   3. Coding standards for themes
   4. Multiple galleries in one post? Galleries like objects
   5. Review old themes, mark unreviewed themes already accepted
   6. Lots of pages and permalinks slows down. See Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks
   post about this
   7. Plugin quality

   1. Better screen shots
   2. Indication for code review
   3. Number of committers
   4. Active users
   5. Installed vs. Active
   6. Deprecated function search, latest stuff = good
   7. E_Notice requirement, if it’s quiet with WP_Debug on
   8. Plugin version pie chart broken
   9. Image slugs
   10. What plugins have been approved for VIP
   11. Author notes about external calls
   12. Is plugin comment helpful? Like Amazon comments
   13. Alternatives/ suggest / related plugins

   1. Voice and SMS comments/notifications
   2. Social twitter/facebook comments coming back
   3. Integrated message board, aka bbPress
   4. Front end editing, in place
   5. More export options on export, dev exports

   1. XML export widget settings

   1. Native mobile device detection, integrated WP_Touch
   2. Visual editor for text widget/ visual editor api
   3. Mobile editor theme
   4. Asset Manager for distraction free writing
   5. Autosave doesn’t work if you remove title from custom post type
   (localStorage HTML5 goodness)
   6. VIM keybindings in DFW

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