[wp-hackers] contextual tag cloud (filtering with tags and boolean AND)

Bjorn Wijers burobjorn at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 08:19:45 UTC 2011


I'm working on creating a contextual tagcloud widget. This is more or
less based on the default WordPress tagcloud except for:

1) The tags should be shown contextually. Meaning if the user selected a
tag and gets a result. The tagcloud will be updated and show only the
tags which have been used in the results. By doing this the widget
limits the possible tags to those which provide a new set of results
_within_ the current set. In other words the tag(s) function as a
boolean AND filter

2) The tags link should take any already selected tag(s) into
consideration and built it's permalink including the selected tag(s) in
such a way that it will become a boolean AND. In practice this means
tags will be delimited with a plus sign in the url.

Are there any plugins or widgets already offering this functionality?
Any hints, tips in making this widget? Currently my approach tends to
focus on getting the object ids from the results and based on this
retrieve the term ids to pass to wp_tag_cloud's include parameter.

Ps: Congratulations to all who made 3.2 a reality!


met vriendelijke groet,
Bjorn Wijers

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