[wp-hackers] Accessing custom post types and taxonomies across sites on a network

Bill Dennen dennen at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 21:48:34 UTC 2011

> Where is the taxonomy being registered? In the theme?

Thanks, yes, in this case it's being registered in the theme that the
profiles site is using. It's not registered elsewhere.

My ultimate goal is to create a shortcode. Something like:

[department_roster dept="Economics"]

This would produce an unordered list of faculty in the Economics department.

There may be other options too, like:

[department_roster dept="Economics" show_photos="true"
show_titles="true" show_degrees="true"]

In this case, the list of faculty would also include their photos,
titles and degrees.

Back to your question, I suppose I could just define the taxonomy in
mu-plugins. But, then it would be defined in a lot of sites that would
not need it. Too much overhead?

I know people do not seem to like switch_to_blog in general. But, it
seems like it's made for this sort of thing - where WordPress is
basically an enterprise-wide CMS. While using JSON would work, it
seems to be an odd approach, since everything is already in WordPress
to begin with.


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