[wp-hackers] Post Formats: Conventions/Standards for Content/Layout/Style

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Tue Jan 11 17:05:59 UTC 2011

What conventions/standards exist, or are people beginning to assume, with
respect to each of the Post Format types? The Codex sheds some, albeit
little, light on the

   - *aside* - Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note
   - *gallery* - A gallery of images. Post will likely contain a gallery
   shortcode and will have image attachments.
   - *link* - A link to another site. Themes may wish to use the first <a
   href=””> tag in the post content as the external link for that post. An
   alternative approach could be if the post consists only of a URL, then that
   will be the URL and the title (post_title) will be the name attached to the
   anchor for it.
   - *image* - A single image. The first <img /> tag in the post could be
   considered the image. Alternatively, if the post consists only of a URL,
   that will be the image URL and the title of the post (post_title) will be
   the title attribute for the image.
   - *quote* - A quotation. Probably will contain a blockquote holding the
   quote content. Alternatively, the quote may be just the content, with the
   source/author being the title.
   - *status* - A short status update, similar to a Twitter status update.
   - *video* - A single video. The first <video /> tag or object/embed in
   the post content could be considered the video. Alternatively, if the post
   consists only of a URL, that will be the video URL. May also contain the
   video as an attachment to the post, if video support is enabled on the blog
   (like via a plugin).
   - *audio* - An audio file. Could be used for Podcasting.
   - *chat* - A chat transcript, like so:

John: foo
Mary: bar
John: foo 2

To my reading, there are more questions than there are answers in that

For Gallery, Link, Image, Video, and Audio: will these types be expected to
have *only* the specified content, and no other content?

Aside: to me, a "Facebook note update" is equivalent to a blog post.
(Perhaps that's merely due to the way that I use Facebook notes?) I think of
an "aside" more of a "pullquote" or longer-than-microblog (i.e. "status")
comment or thought. Nevertheless, we have one bit of useful information
regarding convention: no Title.

Chat: this one baffles me. A chat is going to require some specific markup
other than the post-format designation (e.g. a table, or specific CSS
classes applied to specific parts of the content), which somewhat precludes
the need for a Post Format type. Regardless: are there any conventions for
the underlying markup/format for chats?

Which Post Format types will be expected not to have titles? Just Aside and

What other layout and/or style conventions, if any, are people applying to
each of the Post Format types?


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