[wp-hackers] WP 3.1 admin bar

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Thu Feb 17 22:06:04 UTC 2011

On 2/17/11 4:46 PM, William P. Davis wrote:
> If you're a WP consultant, you do need to follow trac and test all of prereleases - that's you're responsibility. If you don't like a feature, bring it up in alpha, not in RC5. If you don't complain before feature freeze because you don't test before feature freeze that's not exactly the core team's problem.
Exactly. Anyone whose business is built on or even remotely near 
WordPress should at the very least be subscribed to 
http://wpdevel.wordpress.com so that even if you don't get involved in 
the scheduled (and open) core development chats, you at least know 
what's going on before it is too late to have an effect (or at least too 
late to have a positive effect).

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