[wp-hackers] WP 3.1 admin bar

Mark E mark at simplercomputing.net
Thu Feb 17 02:42:21 UTC 2011

In the devs read this list, having the admin bar on by default might 
result in a megaton of phone calls to Web devs whose customers will 
invariable ask what it is, why it's on their site and do their visitors 
see it too, and how to turn off.

It might be more economical for all WP users if there's a simple 
one-time message in the dashboard that the feature exists and can be 
turned on. I'm thinking how many calls I'm gonna get from people about 
this, and all added up, I'll spend a cumulative few days of time on the 
phone answering the same 2 questions over and over.

I'm have nightmarish flashbacks to my days as Microsoft Windows 
networking engineer...


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