[wp-hackers] wp_nav_menu() Returns Blank on Static Homepage

Spencer spencer.gurnk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 17:43:57 UTC 2011

Hey everyone,

I've been developing a theme locally with the beta build
3.1-RC4-17441. I then go to move it online, and I update my online
install so I can be using RC4 on that as well. However, that build is
now on 3.1-RC4-17453. Now somewhere between those 12 updates, a bug
with wp_nav_menu() has occurred (I'm fairly sure).

On the earlier release I have no problems creating a static front page
and displaying the navigation menus. However, on the live version
(3.1-RC4-17453), they always appear blank (even on pages other than
the homepage.) I know it's not the theme because the same issue occurs
on Twenty Ten as well. All plugins are also deactivated.

The navigation menu's won't show custom links, pages, posts, or
taxonomies. The container DIV is created, and the UL as well, but no
list items appear. As soon as I switch it to display latest posts on
the homepage, the menu items appear.

Any ideas? I took a quick glance through the Trac change sets but
didn't see anything that should have affected it (I'm far from an
expert though).


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