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Phil Hart radial at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 15 15:52:32 UTC 2011

Thank you for the link but this doesn't answer my what we're looking for.

We are looking for an example of the class and style naming conventions our 
developer would use to code the table output.  We're not looking for the 
start of the encyclopedia on css.  What were looking for is an example of 
how we should output our table so theme developers can style it as they 
For instance, should we output:

<table class="staff">
<tr class="person.1"
<td class="facefield.1">
<img class="facepic.1">
<td class="person.1"
<p class="person.1.name">Name:  </p><p class="person.1.name.text">Joe 
<p class="person.1.email">Name:  </p><p 
class="person.1.email.text">joeblow at example.com</p>
<tr class="person.2"
<td class="facefield.2">
<img class="facepic.2">
<td class="person.2"
<p class="person.2.name">Name:  </p><p class="person.2.name.text">Joe 
<p class="person.2.email">Name:  </p><p 
class="person.2.email.text">joeblow2 at example.com</p>

I have no idea if the above is right, I'm just trying to show example.  We 
aren't sure should and where we should use classes as opposed to styles or 
id's.  We are looking for examples of what theme developers would want us to 
use in our table code so they can apply proper css to the fields we provide.


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The CSS Discuss Wiki is a great place to start:


On 2/14/11 11:54 AM, "Phil Hart" <radial at mindspring.com> wrote:

>Hi, we are developing a plugin for wordpress and want to output our
>in a table of data with proper css style and ID's so theme developers can
>style it properly.
>We will be outputting a simple table of information, similar to an
>with name, address, city state, etc.  We may have one address listed, or
>may have a lot.  So we are looking for somewhere that may list a good
>practice for including the css styles for the table, header, rows, cells
>thank you
>Phil Hart
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