[wp-hackers] Can I register admin pages that are NOT in the menu?

Ryan Bilesky rbilesky at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 00:51:41 UTC 2011

Sorry I didn't read the whole thing at first and didn't realize you didn't
want to do that if possible.  I know there are plugins that can hide specfic
admin menu items, if you look at one and see how they hide menus you could
always do that.

On Feb 8, 2011 4:45 PM, "Ryan Bilesky" <rbilesky at gmail.com> wrote:
> I did something simular for a plugin of mine. What I did is register a
> queryvar and I had one page that would differ depending on the value of
> queryvar.
> On Feb 8, 2011 2:27 PM, "Becky Resler" <becky.absolute at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am currently working on a plugin for managing branches and branch
>> locations (part of a larger integration).
>> On the admin side, I only want a single item in the menu:
>> * Branches [admin.php?page=myplugin-list]
>> I need to have other pages, such as adding new branches, editing
>> branches, adding locations for branches, etc, but I do not want those
>> pages in the menu.
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin-add
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin-edit&id=123
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin-add-location&id=123
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin-edit-location&id=456
>> I have been searching the Codex and scouring the rest of the net for
>> info on how to do this, but I haven't had any luck. I've found others
>> who want to do the same thing, but they never got any answers either.
>> Is it possible to register a page for a plugin without adding it to the
>> admin menu?
>> Or do I need to do something like:
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin&action=list
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin&action=add
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin&action=edit&id=123
>> * admin.php?page=myplugin&action=add-location&id=456
>> I'd rather not do that, but if it's my only option ...
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