[wp-hackers] Can I register admin pages that are NOT in the menu?

Becky Resler becky.absolute at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 22:26:49 UTC 2011

I am currently working on a plugin for managing branches and branch 
locations (part of a larger integration).

On the admin side, I only want a single item in the menu:
* Branches [admin.php?page=myplugin-list]

I need to have other pages, such as adding new branches, editing 
branches, adding locations for branches, etc, but I do not want those 
pages in the menu.
* admin.php?page=myplugin-add
* admin.php?page=myplugin-edit&id=123
* admin.php?page=myplugin-add-location&id=123
* admin.php?page=myplugin-edit-location&id=456

I have been searching the Codex and scouring the rest of the net for 
info on how to do this, but I haven't had any luck. I've found others 
who want to do the same thing, but they never got any answers either.

Is it possible to register a page for a plugin without adding it to the 
admin menu?

Or do I need to do something like:
* admin.php?page=myplugin&action=list
* admin.php?page=myplugin&action=add
* admin.php?page=myplugin&action=edit&id=123
* admin.php?page=myplugin&action=add-location&id=456

I'd rather not do that, but if it's my only option ...


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