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SWORD Studios info at swordstudios.net
Sat Feb 5 14:05:54 UTC 2011

I am developing a site that is going to have several features and some
functionality that I haven't seen available in a Plugin before. So I'm
planning out the best ways to do this and I'd love some feedback as to
whether I'm on the right track.

I want anyone to be able to register with the site. There will be two
types of accounts a paying account and a free account.

Free Account
You will have the ability to join the site, and create 1 post.  That
user can edit that post forever but can never have more than 1 post.
For this I figure I'll just create a user meta table and if they have
one post associated with their account it would disable the "add a
post" functionality. However it might be better to auto create a post
when the user registers and have the add a new post disabled from the

Now for this free user they have a 30 day period where they have to
get community approval to stay on the site.  So they will have to
update their post with relative content and show that they add value
to the site and then in that 30 days get 3 other users to "approve"
them to stay on the site, otherwise their account gets disabled.  My
thought here is to just alter the new user table I created to show a
count on how many approvals they have received and also their account
start date.  If they don't receive three approvals in 30 days I just
change the users password and turn their post to a draft.  I don't
want to dump every thing at this point because they may have a second
chance opportunity.

Paid Account
I was thinking of using a simple Membership Plugin, but the only
difference is that they aren't going to be paying me but rather making
a donation to a charity that the site partners with.  This donation is
a form of verification to join the site that everyone can feel good

These accounts also get a up to 3 posts at any given time but run off
the same premise as the free account,

I guess my main question is about the community approval.  Has anyone
done this before or can you think of a better way of doing this?

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