[wp-hackers] Directory Writeable Error - File Uploads in 2011

Foolish Visions shelly at foolishvisions.com
Wed Feb 2 13:17:33 UTC 2011

I have a couple of clients that have this issue, and really, it's the host you need to contact.  They have some kind of setting in the Apache configuration that causes this issue (I cannot, for the life of me, recall what that setting is - sorry, I'm only on half a cup of coffee at this early in the morning).  It's not WordPress, it's how the host has the server set up.  To remedy it, you need to contact the host and tell then what the problem is.  They should fix it for you.  if they don't, then you need to find a new host. Otherwise, every month you'll have to go in and set your uploads directory to "777" permissions, upload something, and revert the permissions back. (Which is kind of annoying - especially when you want the client to self-manage the site.)


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