[wp-hackers] any way to disable admin bar in 3.3?

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Mon Dec 12 10:04:25 UTC 2011

On 12/12/11 6:23 AM, Kevinjohn Gallagher wrote:
> From an average Joe user though, we added a feature that they could 
> disable in the last release.
> We've now forced them to have that feature (with its new name), even 
> if they previously disabled it, right?
> (I'm not being obtuse, I just know that many a client is going to ask 
> why something they've disabled has reappeared)
That's part of the reason for the name change: there is no more Admin 
Bar, and this is a different feature. The post-update About WordPress 
screen has a blurb about it that will hopefully help explain it.

        Header + Admin Bar = Toolbar

To save space and increase efficiency, we've combined the admin bar and 
the old Dashboard header into one persistent toolbar. Hovering over the 
toolbar items will reveal submenus when available for quick access.

But yes, any time we change the UI there will always be people who need 
to have the new stuff explained to them verbally vs figuring it out by 
using it, through documentation, or via support forum contact. Since 
those often include the people who hire contractors/firms to do this for 
them, it tends to work itself out. Consider the extra billable hours our 
little xmas gift to your business. :)

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