[wp-hackers] Saving the entire HTML sent to client

IC IC icwordpress at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 01:52:17 UTC 2011

To minimize the DB queries down to nothing on the home page of your
magazine styled web site, what do you say about the following idea?

Every time, you create a post or page (or cat or tag for that matter
), at the time committing that change into the database, have a plug
in run the home page  internally ( as if a visitor visited your home
page ) and grab the html generated and create a text file out of that
HTML ( from all the way up DOCTYPE down </html).  This way, your home
page ( be it home.php or front-page.php or whatever), may check if the
current user logged in and if not, just do a PHP include of that
recently generated file?

Does PHP provide a way to get a hold of that entire HTML? Would that
be a wp_footer hook?

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