[wp-hackers] Adding "post_tags" functionality from backend to frontend of WordPress - to achieve "community tagging"

Morten Blaabjerg mortenblaabjerg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 21:14:51 UTC 2011

I like the convenient tagging box and ability to pick between popular tags
on a post's edit page. But I find it too cumbersome to have to open an item
for editing just to add a simple tag. Adding a tag to a post currently
requires (once the user is logged in) one click to "edit page" + loading
time for the admin edit page, then write tag or click the "popular tags"
option and add tags, then "update post" and then ultimately, "view post" or
click to the link directly back to the blog, only then to spend time
finding the place where one took off. A lot of these clicks are not
necessary for the trivial action of adding a tag.

The functionality I'd like to achieve is to take the (otherwise brilliant)
"tagging box" from the post edit page in the WordPress backend, and add it
to the end of every post in the WordPress frontend. I'd also like to be
able to set parameters/options as to who gets to "tag" posts, i.e. control
to what users this tagging box is displayed. This way, I can make a group
of readers or admins collaboratively responsible for tagging articles on
the site, and they can - once logged in - tag an item immediately after
reading it, without going through to trouble to open WP's backend.

I've taken the time to review some of the plugins that currently offer
"community tagging" but they are not what I'm looking for - either they do
not work as advertised with current installments of WordPress, or are
unreliable. So I realize if someone is going to do this right, it might as
well be myself.

I know a little PHP and have not been afraid to dive into WordPress hacking
before, and I have had a few moments writing my own plugins and
manipulating the plugins of others to do what I want. But other than this,
I am very much a dabbler at WordPress development.

What I'd very much like from some of the more experienced minds on this
list (that means you!) is a word of advice on how to proceed with this
project. Where do I begin? Where do I find the code I need? Is the project
doomed from the outset - or does it in fact seem doable and possible? And
why - and how?

I'd like to the farthest extent possible not to reinvent the wheel if I
can. The functionality is there, and I like it just as it is. I'd just like
it in a different place.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and attention!

Yours Sincerely,
Morten Blaabjerg

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