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Wed Aug 17 18:42:36 UTC 2011

a term under the "audience" taxonomy.
and that term_id "102" which is "youth" is another term under the
"audience" taxonomy.

Here is the main question;

What happens if I do NOT use the "register_taxonomy" function that
registers the "audience" taxonomy at all whatsoever  AND I programmatically
add records to the "wp_term_relationships" table associating some post ids
with the term_taxonomy_id's 101 and 102 which are the term_taxonomy_id's
that are associated with the "audience" taxonomy. Again, no
register_taxonomy function ever been hooked before, now and after.

Would the posts still be pulled and WordPress will still continue to work?

To me, it appears like the register_taxonomy function will be needed only
to make the admin ui so that it can display the "audience" as a taxonomy
and whether to show it as "tag-like" or "cat-like".

Is that true? Or does the register_taxonomy function is needed for other
purposes too?

And why wasn't WordPress code & db structure implemented in a way so that
the arguments passed within the register_taxonomy function ( such as
rewrite_url or hierarchical TRUE/FALSE etc ) are stored in some database

Is this because the core development do not want to change the existing
database structure so we *have to* live with it?
Or is it better to keep such information this way anyway for certain

'm unable to see the benefits in this and this lack of understanding
effects me in getting hang of the inner workings of this beautiful CMS.

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