[wp-hackers] APC-Nginx-Apache problems / memory problems on VPS

Martin Lazarov martin at lazarov.bg
Mon Aug 29 07:36:51 UTC 2011

Hi, I have solved this problem using Hyper Cache Extended (
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hyper-cache-extended/ ). Yes I'm
the author of this plugin and the reason for writing is all the
problems you already have. And Hyper Cache Extended solves them.


On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 1:59 AM, Braydon <ronin at braydon.com> wrote:
> Have you tried SuperCache and .htaccess rules to go past any PHP?
> On 08/26/2011 03:49 PM, Ian Douglas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm on a Level 3 HostGator VPS: 1.13Ghz / 768MB RAM / 30GB HD / 500GB
>> bandwidth.
>> I have a site that usually serves 4000 pages a day.
>> I just renewed my Wordpress site with a new theme (commerically available
>> from a reputable company, so I'm pretty confident of the code) and some
>> extra plugins for functionality. Before renewing, sometimes I'd get database
>> connection errors on the shared account I was on. Eventually, I had to move
>> to the VPS because the site was deemed to be pulling too many server
>> resources.
>> I was being suspended.
>> So we did the move. Then the trouble really started.
>> Even with 768MB RAM, I can't keep the site up. HostGator admins at first
>> said I should disable plugins (I hate this kind of response; it is
>> avoidance. The plugins are there for essential functionality; the question
>> is how to get the install I want to work). In reality, there are only a few
>> plugins that actually add to what is rendered on the main page. So far as I
>> can see, there's nothing there that should be a massive resource hog. And
>> there's nothing that I haven't used without problems before in a shared
>> hosting environment.

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