[wp-hackers] pagespeed

Braydon ronin at braydon.com
Fri Aug 26 22:17:34 UTC 2011

I've noticed on one server I'm working with must have the apache module 
mod_pagespeed installed because static files are being appended with 
stuff like this at the end of files|".pagespeed.ce.xo4He3_gYf.jpg"|

Found this article about it:

Going to look to find a way to turn this off when developing because 
it's not picking up changes I am making during development.

Anyone have experience with this? and know if there are any plugins in 
WordPress that would do something similar, but would be more accurate on 
knowing when files are changed. Shaddy Z., has been working on a PHP 
framework, SteamFW, that does static file fingerprinting with and md5 of 
the file and a cache of it's fingerprint: 
Good idea, bad idea?


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