[wp-hackers] Error: Are you sureyou want to do this?

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Thu Apr 28 20:27:44 UTC 2011

It sounds like you have a check against current_user_can() in the code that
uses the input from your metabox as well as in the metabox itself. Did you
check that part as well?

You may also want to try logging in with a different browser, it might be a
bug with the cookies or something.

As to your general situation, you should try to only register the metabox
when the user deserves to see it, rather than registering it for all then
unregistering for certain people. Ideally both sides of the management
(frontend metabox and backend handler) should be set to run only when the
user has the right capabilities, since otherwise unprivileged users could
accidentally delete information when your form handler recieves none of the
fields it expected from the metabox.

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